SF Swing Jam Celebrating living legends in the authentic dances they danced in the swing era...


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Swing U School w/ Dance Q in SF and beyond Swing U presents
SF Swing Jam 
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  • Deadwardian Spookeasy Special & Haunted House in SF Haight-Ashbury
  • October 19, 20, 26, 27 & 31 (other dates added to later) 
  • Address: 1010 Masonic/Oak in Haight-Ashbury area.
  • Haunted theme nights & 6 rooms (dress-up):
  • $5-7 advance; $15 at door or give more...
    $5 after Midnight

    Dance Lesson add $10-No partner/experience needed.

  • Music Party Nights:
    • DarkWave        ElectroSwing         Salsa       Lindy      Blues


    In a time when the market was low but financing was near impossible...
    Gamin succeeded in a miraculous endeavor with realtors and the private investors who had faith in her abilities.
    Trusted by Margrit, who spent her own life tending to this unique manor, 
    this historic legacy was passed on.
    She entrusted Gamin to carry the torch and keep this historic beauty from being decimated by heartless developers.
    The Manor then became Gamin's life's work as she completed the restoration by hand, honoring Margrit's legacy.
    There were difficult obstacles moving forward but Gamin continued on.
    Then smoke and water damaged this beautiful structure and the insurance company refused to pay on the policy (which covered full historic restoration).
    They tried to starve her out by refusing to pay and attempting to cover up the extent of the damage.
    Gamin has continued to valiantly fight on, but without help Gamin and Margrit's work will be lost.
    The Manor could be sold at a loss. And as Margrit once feared...
    it would likely be cut apart by large real estate developers 
    with no care for it's history or preservation.
    This special place, with it's unique art nouveau detailing, 
    was meant to be preserved and passed on to Gamin's care.
    Margrit has been brought to tears by the current state of affairs. 
    Before it is too late and Margit is too old to see the final fate of her life's work, 
    Gamin will show her it will be saved, because her case is good;
    it can be easily proven in a court of law that the insurance company acted in bad faith.
    The soul of this building is a place of love,
    that was meant to carry on and do great things.
    It can still be a beacon of beauty, bring joy to others, and  benefit the community.
    Help Gamin and her team stop the greed and keep injustice from being done,
    so this beautiful building can continue to thrive as it was meant to.
    Help Gamin preserve and SAVE THE VINTAGE  HAIGHT MANOR!